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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Spending Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


The Board shall consider bids for CIL funding (in accordance with Appendices 1 and 2 (of Appendix X1 of the Council’s Constitution)), and submit recommendations to Cabinet for ratification. If Cabinet chooses not to ratify a particular recommendation, then it shall provide an explanation setting out its concerns and request that the Board reconsiders the issue.




The quorum shall be 5 members.


Board structure, procedures and speaking protocol


(“Local Member” means a member of the District Council whose ward, in the opinion of the Chairman, is affected by a bid which is to be included on an agenda for consideration by the CIL Spending Board.)


5.1     Officers will be invited to introduce a summary of CIL at the beginning of the meeting to include;


         - Summary of CIL Legislation

         - Amount of funding available

         - Where CIL receipts have come from


5.2     Each bid will then be discussed individually.

5.3     Bids will only be debated at the discretion of the Chairman, if it is requested for debate by a Local Member or if there are registered speakers and this must be agreed prior to the meeting.

5.4     Those wishing to speak must contact the District Council before 5pm on the day of the Spending Board at the latest. However at the Chairman’s discretion, late registration maybe accepted until the start of the meeting. Only one public speaker supporting the application and one against will be permitted.

5.5     The company/person/body submitting the Bid will be expected to present their Bid to the Spending Board. Visual aids are allowed by speakers.

5.6     At the beginning of the meeting the Chairman will indicate the Bids on which Local Members, the Town or Parish Council, applicants or members of the public have asked to speak, which shall automatically be reserved for debate.

5.7     The Chairman will read out the project title.

5.8     The officer will introduce the item and lay out the key considerations and summarise the recommendation.

5.9     Speakers who have previously registered will be invited to do so by the Chairman in the following order for a maximum of 3 minutes (Local Members will have 4 minutes):

          - company/person/body responsible for the Bid

- A member of the public wishing to speak for the Bid.

          - A member of the public wishing to speak against the Bid

          - The Local Council representative.

          - The Local Member

         Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Chairman retains discretion to allow additional speakers as he sees fit.

5.10   Speakers will then be asked questions of clarification.

5.11   Members of the Spending Board will then have an opportunity to ask questions of the officers present.

5.12   Discussion of each Bid will then take place.

5.13   A decision on each Bid will only be made at the end of the meeting after all the Bids are discussed.

5.14   A vote will then be taken on each bid after a motion has been moved (and seconded if necessary). Any motion put forward can only should usually be for one of the following recommendations:

-        Funding for the scheme is recommended for approval

-        Partial funding for the scheme is recommended for approval

-        Funding for the scheme is not recommended for approval on the basis that the other proposed  schemes have been given greater priority

-        Funding for the scheme is not recommended for approval on the basis that insufficient evidence has been provided to justify it.

-        Funding for the scheme is not recommended for approval on the basis that the scheme is not considered appropriate for the use of CIL.


5.15   A vote will take place and the Chairman will advise the meeting of the result.


Contact information

Support officer: Email: 01732 227199.


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