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Budget 2018/19: Service Dashboards and Service Change Impact Assessments (SCIAS)


The Chief Finance Officer presented the report which set out updates to the 2018/19 budget within the existing framework of the 10-year budget and savings plan.  The report presented proposals that had been identified and needed to be considered, together with further suggestions made by the Advisory Committees, before finalising the budget for 2018/19.


Informed by the latest information from Government and discussions with Cabinet, it was proposed that the Council continued to set a revenue budget which assumed no funding from Government through the Revenue Support Grant or New Homes Bonus. This would result in the Council continuing to be financially self-sufficient as set out in its Corporate Plan.


To achieve this aim and to ensure a balanced budget position over the next 10-year period, whilst also increasing the Council’s ability to be sustainable beyond that time, a savings requirement of £100,000 per annum was included.   Other pressures, such as the public sector pay award, may result in a requirement for further savings.  Officers would continue to monitor these pressures and report the latest position to Cabinet in December.

No new growth and savings proposals had been put forward.  Members were given the opportunity to discuss and put any items forward.  Members also noted the growth and saving items suggested by the Advisory Committee the previous year as set out in Appendix F to the report and discussed possible additional savings through an additional partner in the Licensing Partnership.


Public Sector Equality Duty

Members noted that consideration had been given to impacts under the Public Sector Equality Duty.


Resolved:  That it be recommended to Cabinet that

a)     the saving proposal identified in appendix B (SCIA 04) be agreed; and

b)     there were no further suggestions for growth and savings applicable to this Advisory Committee.


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