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Emerging legislation and related strategy


The Chairman, Chief Housing Officer and Chef Planning Officer presented the report which provided Members with progress on the Housing and Planning Bill and preparations for the development of an updated housing strategy.  It also provided background information for the topic discussion to enable Members to further developed the District Council’s directions of travel in relation to future housing strategy.  To further enable discussion packs were tabled. 


Members considered the Group A recommendations arising from the Members workshop in December, contained within the the supplementary agenda, point by point.  Members concurred with all the actions noted as agreed, subject to point 4 which had not been agreed but Members were keen that wheelchair accessibility was included somewhere.  When discussing high density, the emphasis was on a desire for ‘high quality’ high density developments.  It was intended that further work be carried out on these points and final recommendations sent to Cabinet.


Members broke away into smaller groups to discuss prioritising the list of interim Housing Strategy options that required funding, these papers were collected in for evaluation. 


Members also split into two groups to consider and discuss the scenarios which had been tabled, and their feedback was noted and taken for evaluation.


Resolved:  That the report be noted, and the points raised and discussed used to inform the continuing development of the District Council’s direction of travel in relation to future housing strategy.

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