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Matters referred from Council, Audit Committee, Scrutiny Committee, CIL Spending Board or Cabinet Advisory Committees (if any)


a)         In-Depth Scrutiny Working Group – CCTV


Members considered the report from the Scrutiny Committee. At its November 2019 meeting the Scrutiny Committee resolved to set up a working group to evaluate the effectiveness of the Council’s CCTV Service in supporting the Community Safety Theme of the Council’s Plan and its impact of privacy. The working group considered the number and location of CCTV cameras provided across the District and their effectiveness in meeting the aims of the CCTV service the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and recovery costs.


Resolved: That


a)    Further information be obtained to assist in justifying the pressing need for CCTV;


b)    the Council should not disable or remove the audio recording hardware from the cameras in the Council Offices but should ensure that it is made clear that an audio recording is made; and


c)    a request to third parties, such as the Police for them to recover costs of running the CCTV Service, be considered.

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