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19/01699/FUL - Chartwell House, Mapleton Road, Westerham Kent TN16 1PS

Installation of sewage treatment plant. Acoustic Close Board Fence.


The proposal sought planning permission for the installation of a sewage treatment plant and an Acoustic Close Board Fence.  The application had been referred to Development Control Committee by Councillor Maskell on the grounds of harm to the Green Belt and noise disturbance to neighbouring dwellings, contrary to policy EN2.


Members’ attention was brought to the main agenda papers.


The Committee was addressed by the following speakers:


Against the Application:   -

For the Application:          Zoe Colbeck

Parish Representative:      Parish Cllr Helen Ogden

Local Member:                 Cllr Maskell


Members asked questions of clarification from the officers.


The Chairman moved that the recommendations within the report, be agreed.


Members discussed the application, in particular the siting of the plant and the efficacy of the acoustic fence.


Resolved: That planning permission be granted subject the following conditions


1)     the development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans and details: 2283/311/LBP, 2283/311/1, 2283/311/100, hla 316 01/A, 10747-03-SHT03/A.


        For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.


2)     the sewage treatment system shall only operate while the acoustic fencing is in place in full accordance with drawing 2283/311/100. If at any time the fencing is not in full accordance with that drawing, the use of the sewage treatment plant shall cease with immediate effect until such a time that the acoustic fencing is reinstated in full.


        To protect the amenities of the nearby residential properties, to comply with policy EN2 of the ADMP.


3)     within 3 months of the date of this permission, details shall be submitted to the local planning authority for approval of a scheme of landscaping to thicken and enhance the hedgerow existing to the south of the sewage treatment plant. The approved scheme shall be implemented in full in the first planting season following its approval.


        To provide visual screening to reduce visibility from the public right of way and wider views across the AONB, to comply with policies EN1 and EN5 of the ADMP.


4)     all planting or seeding approved shall be carried out in the first planting and seeding season following the approval of those details. Any trees or plants which, within a period of five years after planting, are removed, die or become seriously damaged or diseased in the opinion of the local planning authority , shall be replaced in the next available planting season with others of similar size, species and number, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.


        To provide visual screening to reduce visibility from the public right of way and wider views across the AONB, to comply with policies EN1 and EN5 of the ADMP.


5)     the acoustic fencing hereby approved shall be of timber construction and so maintained.


        To protect the character and appearance of the area and the landscape, and to preserve the setting of the heritage assets, to comply with EN1, EN4 and EN5 of the ADMP.




1)     The granting of planning permission confers no other permission or consent on the applicant. The applicant is reminded that no works should be undertaken on a Public Right of Way without the express consent of the Highway Authority. This means that the Public Rights of Way must not be stopped up, diverted, obstructed (this included building materials, vehicles or waste generated during the works) or the surface disturbed. There must be no encroachment on the current width, at any time now or in the future and no furniture or fixtures may be erected on or across the Public Right of Way without consent.

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