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Finance & Investment Advisory Committee

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Information about Finance & Investment Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference


a)       The Advisory Committee shall undertake policy initiation and  development;


b)       The Advisory Committee shall consider such other matters as are referred to it by the Portfolio Holder;


c)       At the request of either Cabinet or the Audit Committee carry out specific research and development projects and to submit recommendations to Cabinet;


d)       The Advisory Committee shall develop and approve its annual work plan ensuring that there is efficient use of the Committee’s time; and


e)       The Cabinet Member be requested to provide a report to each meeting outlining their activities since the previous meeting and any decisions they intend to take in the following three months.


Within the areas of: Corporate Governance, Financial Strategy, Local Tax, Procurement, Strategic Risk, Tax & Benefits, Fraud Prevention, Operational Assets. Business Continuity, Investments, Legal, Wellbeing.


The Cabinet Advisory Committee to ensure that there is mutual respect and cooperation with all other Committees within the Council.




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