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Governance Committee

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Information about Governance Committee

1.                     Terms of Reference of the Governance Committee

Regulatory Framework

1.1.                To review the number of meetings and Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee.

1.2.                To consider the Council’s compliance with its own and other published standards and controls.

Constitutional Matters

1.3.                To advise the Council on all matters relating to any review of the Council’s decision-making arrangements.

1.4.                To advise the Council on all matters relating to any review of the Council’s Constitution.

Members’ Allowance Scheme

1.5.                To receive the recommendations of the Joint Independent Remuneration Panel and make recommendations for change the Members’ Allowance Scheme to the Council and, if required, to the Joint Independent Remuneration Panel.

Electoral Arrangements

1.6.                To advise the Council on all matters relating to:

(a)       Parliamentary, County, District and Parish/Town Council elections and referenda, including European Elections and England and Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Elections;

(b)       the revision of parish boundaries;

(c)       the overall number of Members of the District Council;

(d)       the preferred number of Members for each District Council Ward;

(e)       the number of Wards for the District of Sevenoaks;

(f)        the names and boundaries of District Council Wards;

(g)       carrying out Parish Governance Reviews under the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007; and

(h)      any matters ancillary thereto.



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