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Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board

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Information about Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board

Joint Transportation Boards


1.1     A Joint Transportation Board (JTB) shall be established by the Authorities.


1.2     Each Authority shall be responsible for its own costs incurred in the operation of the JTB.


1.3     The JTB shall be a non-statutory advisory forum.




2.1     JTB membership shall comprise all KCC - local members with an equal number of Council - local members appointed by the Council. JTB Members will have voting rights. The Council may appoint substitutes for its JTB Members.


2.2     The JTB shall agree a number of parish/town council representatives, not less than one and no greater than three from within the Council’s administrative area. Parish/town council representatives shall be nominated by the area committee of the Kent Association of Parish Councils or other representative body for parish/town councils within the Council’s administrative area if this provides a more complete representation. Substitute members may also be nominated. 


2.3     Any JTB Member may request of the Chairman an item to be considered for inclusion on the JTB agenda. Any Council- local member may attend and speak at a meeting of the JTB but may not vote nor propose a motion or an amendment.


2.4     The Chairman of any parish/town council within the administrative area of the Council (or a parish/town councillor of that parish/town council nominated by him/her) may attend any meeting to speak with the permission of the Chairman on any item on the agenda of particular reference to that parish/town council.





3        The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall alternate on an annual basis between a  KCC local member (who is a JTB Member) and a Council local member (who is a JTB Member).




4.1     The JTB shall generally meet four times a year on dates and at times and venues to be specified by the Council in accordance with its normal constitutional arrangements in consultation with KCC.


4.2     Six weeks prior to each JTB meeting the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and relevant officers from the Authorities will discuss and set the agenda for the forthcoming meeting. The final decision on agenda items shall be determined by the Chairman in consultation with the Vice Chairman. Agenda items will be split between Part A (recommendations for decision by KCC), Part B (recommendations for decisions by the Council) and ‘for information’ reports.


4.3     The quorum for a JTB meeting shall be four comprising at least two voting KCC local- members and two Council – local members who are also JTB Members.


4.4     Subject to the procedural rules in paragraphs 2, 3, 4.2 and 4.3 above taking precedence, the Council’s procedural rules shall apply to JTB meetings as if they were Council committees.


4.5     The JTB will be clerked by an officer of the Council. Officers of the Authorities shall be expected to attend JTB meetings to present reports.


4.6     At the discretion of the Chairman, members of the public may speak for a maximum of three minutes. The number of speakers will be at the discretion of the Chairman.


4.7     The access to information principles shall be applied to the JTB as if it were a   Council committee.


4.8     The clerk shall produce minutes of the meeting, a copy of which shall be sent to KCC’s Cabinet Member for Planning Highways Transport and Waste.


Terms of reference


5.1     The role of the JTB is to advise the relevant Authority on highways and transportation works scheduled and completed. The JTB shall consider:


                     i.        capital and revenue funded works programmes;

                   ii.        traffic regulation orders;

                  iii.        street management proposals.


5.2     The JTB may advise and recommend in relation to:


                     i.        strategic parking and waiting restriction issues;

                   ii.        petitions received in relation to parking and waiting restrictions;

                  iii.        Council street lighting schemes on highways;

                  iv.        local transport strategy. 


5.3     The JTB shall be a forum for consultation between the Authorities on policies, plans and strategies related to highways, road traffic and public transport.


5.4     The JTB shall review the progress and outturn of works and business performance indicators.


5.5     The JTB shall receive reports on highways and transportation needs within the administrative area of the Council.


Petition Discussions


6.1     Where a petition is agreed as being appropriate for discussion at the JTB, it shall be received at a meeting of the JTB. No further discussion shall take place on the petition until the next meeting of the JTB.


6.2     The lead petitioner shall be invited to submit a written statement of up to 500 words which should be sent to the Council to arrive by 5pm one week prior to the next JTB meeting. At that meeting, the lead petitioner shall be invited to speak for no more than three minutes.


6.3     The JTB shall not debate a petition on the same decision/issue as one debated in the previous twelve months.



Overview and Scrutiny


7.1     The Authorities’ Overview and Scrutiny Committees or equivalent may invite the JTB Chairman or ViceChairman to attend their meetings to make representations, answer questions or give evidence. This is without prejudice to any ability of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees or equivalent of the Authorities to compel attendance of executive members and officers under Section 21 of the Local Government Act 2000.


Executive Action


8.1     JTB advice/views shall be submitted to the Authorities’ Cabinet in accordance with the Authorities’ constitutional arrangements.



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