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Development Management Committee

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Information about Development Management Committee

Please note:


The Development Management Committee has returned to in-person meetings in the Council’s Chamber. The meetings are still livestreamed to YouTube. Anyone speaking will be invited to attend the meeting either in person or via Zoom.


Please find here some information about speaking at Development Management Committee meetings


- Video information or – written information



Terms of Reference of the Committee


(a)        All planning, listed building and advertisement applications.

(b)        Revocation, modification and discontinuance orders and planning agreements relating to planning applications.

(c)        Enforcement of planning control; including the issue of Enforcement notices, listed building Enforcement notices, stop notices and abatement notices, and Enforcement and prosecution of contraventions of tree preservation orders, including the requirement for replacement planting.

(d)        Preservation and planting of trees, including the consideration of appeals against tree preservation orders and applications made thereunder.

(e)        All matters arising out of the operation of the Hedgerow Regulations 1997 or any subsequent changes thereto; and,

(f)        All decisions of the Council as Hazardous Substance Authority.



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