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Appointment of Chairman


Resolved: That Cllr. Mrs. Hunter be appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the ensuing municipal year.


 (Cllr. Mrs. Hunter in the Chair)



Appointment of Vice Chairman


Resolved: That Cllr. Thornton be appointed as Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the ensuing municipal year.




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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 19 April 2017, as a correct record.


Resolved: That the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 19 April 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest

Any interest not already registered.


There were no additional declarations of interest.



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The Planning Policy Team Leader advised that when the study had been carried out by the consultants, the facility was still part of the school and had not yet become the Howard Centre.  This would be amended and the change put in.


Update from Portfolio Holder


The Portfolio Holder for Planning, reported that he had visited Hartley and Sundridge Parish Councils to explain the planning and housing and he would be going to Chevening in June and was happy to visit elsewhere.  It was apparent that the general public were not understanding what the Council’s policy was.  Quoting form from the previous minutes, he reiterated that ‘the Council’s policy was not to build on green belt land with two exceptions: brownfield sites within the green belt; and where there were exceptional circumstances.  He asked Officers to go back to Town & Parish Councils one last time.  He advised that each site wold have to be individually assessed and looked at and that along with exceptional circumstances they would also be looking for community and member support.


He requested the Committee’s support for putting a position statement on the Council’s website, with links to relevant webpages.   The idea was generally met with approval.  He advised he would request Officers to draft something and circulate it to Members to comment on. 


*amended 22.6.2017


Referrals from Cabinet or the Audit Committee


There were none.




Governance of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


The Planning Policy Team Leader presented the report which made some recommendations to amending the current CIL governance arrangements. The recommended changes were intended to assist the CIL Spending Board in making decisions and make the process more consistent.


There was a general discussion on whether 7 members of the Board was enough.  It was also suggested that it should be politically proportionate, and if possible that members should represent a diverse geographical area.


In response to questions on oversight of the money being spent once allocated: Members noted that there was a requirement for an annual report each calendar year and feedback could be requested and reported then; that there was also the oversight of the Audit Committee; and the Scrutiny Committee also had the power to review. 


Resolved:  That the recommendations as detailed within paragraphs 11 to 16 of the report to Cabinet be supported -

a)     a fixed membership of greater than 7 members; politically proportionate with an advisory of geographical representation of the District where possible; no pool; a speaking protocol; and officers granted permission to work on the necessary amendments and submit the requisite reports in order to affect the agreed changes;

b)     the original pro-forma be amended as illustrated in the proposed form at Appendix A to the report, and that the pro-formas be used immediately upon approval;

c)     as well the initial validation, bids go through another validation process, as detailed within the report, with recommendations based on the initial priorities laid out for consideration at Appendix C to the report, with permission to refine and agree these at the initial meeting of the Spending Board.


d)     the report circulated and drafted by officers, with the assistance of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, consist of the following

·      Summary of current CIL Legislation or any recent changes.

·      Amount of funding available to be spent by the Spending Board.

·      Summary of where the CIL receipts have come from.

·      Summary of needs highlighted in the Infrastructure Strategy (Regulation 123 List)

·      Summary of the priorities for the Spending of CIL receipts.

Summary of the top 5 bids and reasons for this.

·      Summary of all bids submitted.

·      Recommendation of officers.

·      Appendices will consist of the completed Assessment Criteria     and pro-formas completed.


e)     the provisional timescales set out at Appendix D to the report be noted.



Local Plan Update pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The Planning Policy Team Leader presented the report updating members on the progress of the project plan for the work needed to achieve an adopted Local Plan, including an update on the evidence base and the forthcoming ‘issues and options’ consultation.

Resolved:  That the report be noted.


Work Plan pdf icon PDF 17 KB


The work plan was noted. It was agreed to add Local Plan Updates to each meeting; a report on pre application charging to September’s meeting; and a CIL update at November’s meeting.


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