Agenda and minutes

Venue: Conference Room, Argyle Road, Sevenoaks

Contact: Democratic Services 01732 227199  Email:

No. Item

Receipt of agenda summons

Before the commencement of the meeting it became apparent that Members had not received their agenda summons in the requested manner.  All Members present agreed that they were happy for the meeting to continue and accepted that on this occasion, delivery to their electronic address was sufficient.


Appointment of Chairman


Resolved: That Cllr. Dickins be appointed as Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing municipal year.


 (Cllr. Dickins in the Chair)




Appointment of Vice Chairman


Resolved: That Cllr. Mrs. Bayley be appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing municipal year.



Declarations of Interest

Any interests not already registered


No additional declarations were made.



Referrals from Cabinet or the Audit committee


There were none.


Update from Portfolio Holder


The Chairman and Portfolio Holder for Direct & Trading Services advised Members that


·         he was keen to promote the excellent services at Dunbrik.  There was to be a £240000 investment made to increase the workshop capacity and opportunities for commercialisation;


·         with regards to the oriental chestnut gall wasp in Farningham Woods, the Forestry Commission and the Council had begun to coppice trees to stop the threat spreading to other parts of the country.  The Chief Officer Environmental & Operational Services and the Senior Parking and Amenity Officer were continuing to liaise with the Forestry Commission and DEFRA;


·         the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) plea hearing had been adjourned to September;


·         the possibility of enlarging the CCTV Control room and exploring a shared control room for SDC; TWBC and T&MBC was being investigated; and


·         a new Saturday Swanley Market would be trialled.



Role of the Advisory Committee and Key Challenges pdf icon PDF 21 KB

Additional documents:


The Chief Officer Environmental & Operations Services, with the Parking Manager and Kent Resource Partnership Manager in attendance, presented a report which provided details of the role of the Committee, its areas of responsibility, strengths and the challenges facing those areas.  Members received a short presentation on the relevant service areas and had the opportunity to ask questions.


Resolved:  That the report be noted.




Work Plan pdf icon PDF 19 KB


It was noted that two of the meeting dates on the work plan were erroneous and should have read 6 October 2015 and 12 April 2016.  No additional matters were added, but it was noted that there would be the opportunity for Member level working groups.



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