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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 30 November 2018, as a correct record.



Resolved:  That the minutes of the meeting of the Policy and Performance Advisory Committee held on 30 November 2017, be agreed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest

Any interests not already registered


No additional declarations of interest were made.



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The actions were noted.


Change in Order of Agenda Items

With the Committee’s agreement, the Chairman brought forward the consideration of agenda item 7.


Update from Portfolio Holder


The Portfolio Holder, and Chairman, advised that


·         the Sennocke hotel currently under construction is now uncovered from scaffolding. The hotel is due to be completed and opened between June and July


·         the Buckhurst 2 carpark was now in development week 11 of 62, and was progressing according to schedule.



Referrals from Cabinet or the Audit Committee (if any)


There were none.


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The Chairman explained the emerging Council priorities for the coming years for the benefit of residents, local businesses and staff which will form the basis of the new Corporate Plan. The Chairman highlighted some of the past successes of the Council and suggested ways forward with overarching themes of the Environment, Housing, Economy, Health and Community Safety and how these would achieve overall wellbeing through excellence, innovation and value to the customers.


Members broke up into workshop groups for discussion of the five themes for the corporate plan. Each group made notes which were collected by the Head of Transformation and Strategy.


Resolved: The Head of Transformation and Strategy to incorporate comments made into the iterative process of developing the Corporate Plan to be shared with Cabinet for further development.


Update on Proposals For Development in Swanley pdf icon PDF 39 KB

Additional documents:


The Chairman presented the item which identified the four key points regarding developments in Swanley and referred to the tabled Key Points report. The council remain committed to the development of a leisure centre in Swanley to replace Swanley White Oak.


White Oak was identified as the only site suitable for the development of a leisure centre, however a previous estimate of a £9 million development cost had since been corrected to an estimated £15 million. This figure was supported by comparing the proposed development with similar completed projects nationally.


The Chairman identified the need for a new finance model to bring the development forward and also the importance of unique selling points for the new leisure centre. Parking for the leisure centre was also discussed and it was suggested it could be underneath the main building (but not necessarily underground). More details about the options for a new leisure centre are likely to be set out early in 2019.


A member queried where the money would be found to make up the shortfall. The Chairman reiterated the plan to fully fund the development and considering the leisure centre’s status as a long term asset the 30/40-year life span of the centre could be considered when allocating funding. As the White Oak development was hoping to be followed by similar projects in the district a long-term financial development model was required.


Members discussed the importance of remaining committed to, and moving forward with, the project and ensuring access to the necessary finance. Residential use had been proposed for the remaining land on the Swanley White Oak site.


When considering Bevan Place, Members recognised the need to deliver at pace a development proposal for the site. Mixed usage was proposed for the blocks which could be 4-6 stories and may include retail and restaurant units. The Meeting Point site to be designed in conjunction with Bevan Place includes the proposed development of a business incubator and live/work units. The imbalance in housing types in Swanley influenced the suggestions to consider shared ownership and assistance to buy schemes for the sites. Member considered the parking challenges this development may pose, as parking availability was recognised as a key issue.


Resolved: That the report be noted



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Members were advised Customer Centred Service would remain on the work plan for the meeting on 21 June 2018. iESE were currently researching customer journeys with the aspiration of improving customer experiences.



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