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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 7 November 2018, as a correct record.



Resolved: That the Minutes of the meeting of the Board, held on 7 November 2019, be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of Interest

Any interests not already registered.


No additional declarations of interest were made.


Actions from the previous meeting


There were none.


'8-til-8' GP extended services update

Funmi Owolabi and Nicola Williams, from Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley Clinical Commissioning Group, and Adam Wickings from West Kent CCG in attendance to update Members about the '8-til-8' extended GP services.


The Board welcomed Priscilla Kankam, Head of Primary Care for West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who advised Members she would be presenting for both West Kent CCG and Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG.


She advised that the ‘8-til-8’ extended GP services was devised from the Conservative Government manifesto, which had an original start date of April 2019, but to help cope with winter pressures, this was rescheduled for an October 2018 start date.


Priscilla explained that there were challenges in completely rolling out the extended services in the Sevenoaks area, which includes clusters of GPs in Sevenoaks Town and all towns south to Edenbridge. She reported that Vision 360 was the computer software required to get all systems to “talk to each other” but this was not being completely used, with some still using the old system.


The Chairman queried whether any of the clusters who had moved to the new system had experienced any problems. Priscilla confirmed there had been no reported problems so far.


Priscilla advised Members that since its inception in October 2018, 2000 more appointments had been made available across West Kent.


The Chairman questioned how GP practices can be supported to utlise the Vision 360 system. Priscilla confirmed that during February, West Kent CCG would bring someone in to help practices in the Sevenoaks cluster to use the system.


Priscilla then explained the process for the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG, which was a different model of approach. She advised Members that this model focussed on three service providers, using software package EMIS which made it easier for GPs to access records from other surgeries.


Members queried how appointments were made during the weekend. Priscilla advised that this was done via NHS 111 telephone number.


Priscilla also provided Members with an update on St Johns GP surgery, as they had been struggling with staff shortages at the practice. The Head of Housing and Health also advised that an official statement had been released, which read:


‘West Kent CCG, along with St John’s neighbouring practices, are working closely with them to provide the support they need in order that they are able to provide general practice care to their patient population.  We are very aware of the issues at St Johns and as a CCG are actively engaged with them, providing support in the short term, mid and long term. There are no plans to close the practice at this stage.’


The Chairman thanked Priscilla for the data she provided and thanked her for attending.







With the Committee’s agreement, the Chairman brought forward the consideration of agenda item 5 and the Edenbridge Health Facility progress update would follow the work plan.


Update from Chairman on work with community groups pdf icon PDF 6 MB

Councillor Pat Bosley, Chairman of Sevenoaks District Council, in attendance to report on her work with community groups during her year as Chairman.


The Chairman welcomed the Chairman of Sevenoaks District Council, Councillor Pat Bosley to the meeting.

Councillor Pat Bosley used a photo presentation to advise Members various events she had been to during her time as Chairman of the Council, such as the Council Family Fun Days throughout summer, and the Pop Up Coffee Mornings with Sue Larken of Age UK. She explained that her main aim was to promote all local community groups across the District and she was really glad to see how much was going in all towns and villages in the District.


The Chairman thanked Councillor Pat Bosley, and commented that she had done so much throughout the year to promote many good causes.


Updates from Members


Councillor Halford advised that there was an item at the recent Legal & Democratic Services Advisory Committee meeting which included the problems that could arise in the District from a no deal Brexit, including pollution due to traffic and lorries having difficulty leaving the country.


Members queried whether the air alert emails were still being sent out. The Head of Housing and Health advised that she would speak to Environmental Health to see if this could be relooked at.


Action 1 – Head of Housing and Health to speak to Environmental Health to see if the Air Alert Scheme could be promoted and sent out to Members again for information.


Councillor Parkin advised that she had set up a pop-in coffee morning for loneliness and isolation at Fawkham Village Hall. This would take place on the first Friday of every month between 10am-12pm.


Councillor Dr. Canet advised the Board that the Sevenoaks District Senior Action Forum still had concern for lack of transport for older people, such as transport to hospital. She explained that this concern also included a lack of buses in certain parts of the District.

Councillor Dr. Canet also advised that she had started taking part in a walking football club and felt this had good health benefits for all.


Councillor Searles reported that the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley (DGS) Health and Wellbeing Board had been revamped to be a Members sub-group of the DGS Local Care Implementation Board, to link in with other work locally.


He also advised that the Kent & Medway Health and Wellbeing Board were looking at the potential of a judicial review regarding the new Stroke Services being based at Darent Valley hospital.


Councillor Searles also reported Members that the Darent Valley Hospital Patient Participation Group were working with the hospital to address single sex ward breaches, where patients are placed on a ward with the opposite sex.


He also advised there were a shortage of nurses at Darent Valley hospital, with only 140 current employed for urgent care.


Councillor Searles reported data from the Scrutiny Committee from 5 February 2019, which explained that there had been 67 people placed in emergency accommodation during 2018/19, at a cost of £145,000 to the Council to date, £106,000 of which the Council could recuperate through housing benefit.


Councillor Clark advised that as part of his role with the Rural Services Network, they had sent out a proposal to government regarding a lack of access to vehicles and transport links. He also reported that he would be chairing the Rural Services Network South-East region seminar on 29 April 2019 at the Council Offices.


And lastly, Councillor Clark advised that as he would not be standing for election in May 2019, this would be his last Health Liaison Board meeting.


The Chairman and Committee thanked Councillor Clark for his contribution whilst a Member of this Committee, and wished him well for the future.



Workplan pdf icon PDF 36 KB


The work plan was amended. The 5 June 2019 meeting now included the Sevenoaks and Swanley Dementia Forum update and the Wellbeing Café update. Members also added an update from West Kent Mind.


Edenbridge Health facility progress update

Adam Wickings, of West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), in attendance to update Members about the progress on the Edenbridge Health facility.


The Chairman welcomed Adam Wickings, Chief Operating Officer (Delivery) of West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).


He advised that talks had been ongoing to create a new health facility in Edenbridge for over four years. He explained that there were three options, but after consultation it was decided to bring together the hospital and GP practice on a new site near the Eden Centre on Four Elms Road, Edenbridge.


Adam advised Members that the reason for the development was to integrate the two buildings which were both not fit to develop, with a growing population that needed better resources.


He explained that the hospital was owned by NHS Property Services, with the Kent Community NHS Trust running the majority of services.


The potential new site is currently owned by Kent County Council and the new facility would be a joint venture between the GP practice, West Kent CCG and the Kent Community NHS Trust.


Adam indicated that he expected the full planning application to be made within 3-4 months with an estimated 1-year build time, and advised that whilst he understood this would be a development on the green belt, he believed there were sound reasons why the development was needed through exceptional circumstances.


He reported that the site application would include a walk-in centre run by the GPs, a diagnostics department, and an outpatients section which would include beds for use during the day.


Councillor Searles advised that he believed the Local Members for Edenbridge were in support of the application, and Adam advised that NHS England were also in support.


Adam advised that the funds for the facility would be at the same level as it is currently, but would also need to include the mortgage re-payments for the new facility.


Members queried whether dental facilities would also be considered as part of the facility. Adam confirmed that this was not the case but would look into this further.





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