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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 4 December 2018, as a correct record.



Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting of the Sevenoaks District Joint Transportation Board held on 4 December 2018 be agreed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of interest


No additional declarations of interest were made.


Matters Arising/Update (Including Actions from Previous Meetings)


A Member brought to the attention of the Board the updates regarding the Number 7 vintage bus which served several tourist destinations in Sevenoaks. Disapproval was expressed with the National Trust’s decision to prevent the bus from accessing Knole Park as part of its route.


Applications for Disabled Persons (Blue Badge) Parking Bays pdf icon PDF 48 KB

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The Parking Engineer presented a report on the latest applications for disabled persons (blue badge) parking bays within the District that had been assessed in accordance with KCC’s assessment criteria. The report highlighted that neither of the two applications submitted for disabled persons parking bays, met the assessment criteria.


Resolved:  That the report on the applications for disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bays to be provided within the District be noted.



Statutory Consultation - Minor On Street Parking Proposals Various Locations - TRO 2013 Amendment 31 pdf icon PDF 72 KB

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The report on the Statutory Consultation was introduced by the Parking Engineer and Members gave consideration to the relevant objections to the minor on-street parking proposals within The Kent County Council (Various Roads in the District of Sevenoaks) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Unloading and On-Street Parking Places) (Amendment 31) Order 2019 (known as “TRO 2013 Amendment 31”) received during the statutory consultation.


Members noted that in the absence of any objections, the proposals as detailed within Appendices 1 - 8 would be implemented as drawn.


Sevenoaks - Hartslands Road & Vine Court Road (Appendix 9 to the report)

The Board was addressed by local residents from Hartslands Road and Vine Court Road, and Councillor Purves. Images were tabled showing Hartslands Road and the local resident expressed concerns relating to the width of the road, visibility and access. The resident of Vine Court Road highlighted concerns relating to safety especially for the attendees of the two nearby schools. Councillor Purves supported the views of the residents and noted that as there were no pavements on the (lower) part of Hartslands Road, it would be sensible to prohibit parking. Due to the proximity of the Vine Court Road proposal from the junction it was believed that the proposal would make both more unsafe.


Councillor Crabtree, the local County Member suggested put forward a motion, that was seconded and approved that ‘slow’ markings should be implemented at the entrance to Hartslands Road from the junction to No 1 Hartslands Road. She believed that the current proposal for Hartslands Road was not sufficient and double yellow lines should be extended on the east side both sides of the road from the 5 way junction up to number 9. Officers reminded Members that proposals could only be amended by reduction and any extension to the current recommendations would need to be re-consulted on. Members expressed their support for the views of the speakers and local County Member and hoped an extended proposal for Hartslands Road would be consulted on.


Sevenoaks - London Road (A224) near Argyle Road & Eardley Road (Appendix 10 to the report)

The Board was addressed by Councillor Fleming who voiced his objections to the proposal, stating that the traffic flow issues were primarily due to the obstruction caused by the development on the east side of the road. The Parking Engineer explained that parking in the areas highlighted for loading restrictions forced northbound traffic into the southbound lane, presenting a hazard, especially when southbound traffic is turning into Argyle Road. Officers advised that the issues caused to traffic flow and safety by parking on double yellow line restrictions in this section of road preceded the obstruction caused by the developer.


Members questioned why the loading restriction was also proposed for the section of road between Eardley Road and Argyle Road as there were currently no issues related to loading in this section. They were advised that this was to protect against any displacement that may arise from the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.


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Additional documents:


The Chairman introduced the report and welcomed Daniel Leslie, the Streetworks West Manager at Kent County Council. It was noted that several utility works had taken place in Sevenoaks recently and the Board had requested the report to explore potential difficulties relating to works.


Concern was expressed relating to roads where potholes were developing shortly after utility works had been completed. Members attention was brought to a government proposal which would increase the responsibility of utility companies for road maintenance on areas where works had been carried out from two/three years to five. Members were advised that all works were monitored before the reinstatement deadline and approximately 5% of these inspections led to failure including surface depression and crowning.


Members requested information on the cost of permits for utility companies to carry out works and if companies were incentivised to complete work quickly. It was advised that charges were based on the size of the scheme and in the busiest 5% of roads companies were billed £800 for lane closures and £1600 for full road closures to encourage works to be completed swiftly. Members were advised that companies were fined for overrunning an agreed time period.


Officers drew the Board’s attention to the Kent County Council Lane Rental Scheme and identified Sevenoaks High Street and sections of A25 as being covered by the scheme which aimed to increase the speed of works completion. Members were concerned that incentives in certain locations may have a knock on effect of slowing down works which were not covered by the scheme as resources and focus was concentrated on selected roads. Members made reference the sections of the A25 in Brasted and Dunton Green where disruption from Utility Works appeared to be overrunning. It was suggested that the scheme should apply to the entirety of the A25.


Members were concerned with the emergency status claimed for some works and how this allowed companies to bypass normal waiting periods. Instances were noted where progress was slow in locations where works were causing an obstruction. The Board was advised that utility companies were encouraged to display onsite details of the work being carried out.


The Board wished for further clarity regarding utility companies and their associated works and agreed to send a letter to the Cabinet Member for Transport at Kent County Council. 


Resolved: That


a)    the report be noted; and


b)   the Chairman write a letter on behalf of the Board to the Cabinet Member for Transport at Kent County Council highlighting the Board’s concerns regarding utility works. 





Highway Works Programme 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 166 KB


The Chairman introduced a report on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2018/19. Some Members raised concerns around the phasing of traffic lights at the Pembroke Road/High Street/Suffolk Way junction in Sevenoaks and were advised that Kent Country Council were looking to further refine the operation of these lights.


Resolved:  That the report be noted.



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