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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 12 September 2017, as a correct record.



Resolved:  That the minutes of the meeting of the Sevenoaks District Joint Transportation Board held on 12 September 017, be agreed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of interest


No additional declarations of interest were made.


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The actions were noted. 


County Cllr. Horwood reported that since the previous meeting a speed bump had been removed not because of the Board but because of an application for a dropped kerb within one of the parking bays.  He thought it was bizarre to only remove one when more could be removed to allow for the desired extra visibility.  He asked whether it could be debated again at a future meeting.  The Chairman suggested that he speak to KCC Officers and if was still not happy he could request for it to be looked at again otherwise it started to get circular.  It could possibly be reintroduced if funding was provided.


District Cllr. Esler stated that she had not been contacted with regard to Minute 17.  The Sevenoaks District Highways Manager undertook to find out and contact her outside of the meeting.


Statutory Consultation - Minor On-Street Parking Proposals - Various Locations - TRO 2013 Amendment 25 pdf icon PDF 61 KB

Additional documents:


Members gave consideration to the objections to the minor on-street parking proposals within The Kent County Council (Various Roads in the District of Sevenoaks) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Unloading and On-Street Parking Places)(Amendment 25) Order 2018 received during the statutory consultation.


Hartley – Wellfield and Hoselands View

County Cllr. Brazier was the local member and had been pursuing this on behalf of the Parish Council and was glad the report mentioned the bus service as this was the principle rationale for the scheme.  He had visited the area that day at 11am and there had been very few parked vehicles except for at the junction with plenty of parking within 50m of the dental surgery and no reason to believe parking during the rest of the working day would be any different.  If buses could not get down the road the sheltered accommodation warden had to come and pick some elderly residents up as they were unable to walk the distance.  When cars were parked the visibility was poor.  He understood the surgery’s point but today he had seen seven vacant parking spaces in the forecourt of the surgery and this worthwhile scheme would save elderly people being put to inconvenience.


Swanley – St Marys Road

County Cllr. Horwood said he had no objection as it was clear from the comments that there was plenty of parking and this would help.

Westerham – Oak Road

There were no comments.

Leigh – Crandalls and The Green

With reference to Leigh – Crandalls and The Green which was submitted for information, County Cllr. Lake stated that the Parish Council was pleased to see the new double yellow line restrictions but believed it differed to what they had thought had been agreed, namely lines opposite Orchard House in the High Street and the dangerous bend to the left of Brook House.

The Parking Engineer advised that due to a funding issue, the High Street and Hildenborough Road restrictions would be added to the next amendment, and would be addressed in due course.

Resolved:  That the following decisions be endorsed

a)     the results of the statutory consultation regarding minor on-street parking   proposals within the Kent County Council (Various Roads in the District of Sevenoaks) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Unloading and On-Street Parking Places) (Amendment 25) Order 2018 (known as “TRO 2013 Amendment 25”, be noted;

b)     the relevant objections received to the parking proposals for Hartley –        Wellfield and Hoselands View, Swanley – St Marys Road and Westerham – Oak Road be set aside;

c)         TRO 2013 Amendment 25 be made and the parking proposals therein be implemented as drawn; and the objectors notified of the decision.

Change in order of agenda items

The Chairman, with the agreement of the Board, brought forward consideration of agenda item 7 (Minute 23).


Sevenoaks Saturday Market pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Additional documents:


Additional pictures were tabled at the beginning of the meeting.

County Cllr. Crabtree advised that it had been brought to her attention that there was a problem for market stall holders at the Saturday market with regard to the parking bay outside the Chequers Pub.  She stated that the market had been in the town for two to three hundred years and there were concerns that it might have to close if there were a loss of trade due to the stall holders not being able to keep their vans in the bay for restocking during the day.  There had only been one complaint that it was dangerous for other road users, which could be resolved if they parked slightly better.  The Chairman asked what was being sought from the Board and she responded that she was seeking suspension of enforcement action.

The Chairman advised that he would exercise his discretion and allow interested parties to address the Board.

Cllr. Dickins, Portfolio Holder for Direct & Trading which covered markets and parking.  He advised that currently four spaces were suspended on Saturdays to allow for the market, part of the carriageway adjacent to the Chequers pub was recessed in to a wider section of footway to a depth of around 1.8 metres, allowing the siting of a 3-4 vehicle parallel parking bay.  Vans were parking on the tapered ends of the layby which was causing an obstruction to the free flow of traffic at the part of the High street.  This was an offence and had to be enforced otherwise the Council would be in contravention of its contract with Kent County Council (KCC) and was a contravention of the contract with the market operator, the Town Council.

He could see only three possible solutions: removal of the longstanding double yellow lines which were KCC’s responsibility.  However, this would be an acceptance of an obstruction to the free flow of traffic and could result in increased air pollution which the Council could be held responsible for;  ‘turning a blind eye’ – however this was not satisfactory as on-street parking enforcement was conducted on behalf of KCC and the Council had no authority to do so, and under the Agency Agreement with Kent County Council, had a duty to enforce all parking restrictions in the District; or the market operator, Sevenoaks Town Council, could work out a better layout and plan of operations of the site.

Cllr. Piper addressed the Board as a Sevenoaks Town Councillor.  As did

Bill Westley, a fruit stall holder, and Jonathan Drury.


Some Members felt that ‘sensible’ enforcement or a temporary suspension was needed and that there did not appear to be accidents there, but evidently the vans could park tighter.


County Cllr. Mrs. Crabtree moved that KCC and SDC Officers be asked to look at ways to temporarily suspend the double yellow lines so the market stall holders could park in the bay outside the Chequers Pub in the High Street.  This was duly  ...  view the full minutes text for item 23.


Local Winter Service Plan pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Members considered a report which outlined the arrangements that had been made between Kent County Council and the District Council to provide a local winter service in the event of an operational snow alert in the district.


Resolved:  That the report be noted.


Sevenoaks Highway Works Programme - December 2017 pdf icon PDF 123 KB


Members considered a report which updated them on progress made on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2017/18, and took the opportunity to ask questions of clarification.


Resolved:  That the report be noted.


Notes of the Cycling Working Group held on 20 November 2017 pdf icon PDF 67 KB


Members discussed and noted the action notes from the meeting of the working group held on 20 November 2017.



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