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Ruling by the Chairman regarding Urgent Matters


In accordance with Section 100B (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the Chairman advised the Committee he had agreed to accept an urgent matter - ‘Kippington Parking’.


At the previous meeting of the Board it had been requested that a report on the parking issues in Kippington be brought to this meeting, but the item was delayed due to the need to conduct a comprehensive site visit and subsequent preparation and multiple plan amendments with the local representative, and therefore missing the statutory despatch date.  Considering  the report at the meeting in March 2016 would cause undue delay.


The urgent matter was taken as Agenda Item 5.



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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 11 June 2015, as a correct record.



Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 September 2015, be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of interest


County Councillor Crabtree declared that she was a Member of the Hollybush Residents Association.


County Councillor Parry declared that he was a resident in one of the streets being discussed for minute item 25.


Councillor Edwards-Winser declared that he was also a Member of Otford Parish Council.


Matters Arising/Update (Including Actions from Previous Meetings) pdf icon PDF 22 KB


The Chairman advised that action 1 had now been superseded as street lighting was progressing under safe and sensible street lighting. Members were advised that action 4 was down to funding and it was queried whether it would be possible the KCC Local Member to consider meeting with KCC Officers to discuss Village gateway signage.


Resolved: That the KCC Local Member for Brasted meet with KCC Officers to discuss Village gateway signage.


On-street Parking Restriction Changes - Various Roads - Bessels Green, Otford and Sevenoaks (TRO 2013 Amendment 15) pdf icon PDF 40 KB

Additional documents:


24.       On-street Parking Restriction Changes – Various Roads – Bessels Green, Otford and Sevenoaks (TRO 2013 Amendment 15)


The Parking Engineer presented a report detailing proposed new on street parking restrictions at Bessels Green (Park Place), Otford (Bubblestone Road, Sevenoaks Road, Station Road and Warham Road) and Sevenoaks (Avenue Road), provided an overview of the responses received to the informal and statutory consultations and described Officer recommendations, which were contained in the appendices to the report.


He also advised the Board that all responses received to the Bessels Green proposals were in favour of the proposed permit parking area in Park Place described in proposal 1a of Appendix 1, but one objection had been received in respect of the proposed “dual use” parking bay described in proposal 2a of Appendix 1 to the report.


It was moved from the Chair that the objection received in relation to 1b be set aside, and that proposals 1a and 1b in Appendix 1 be implemented.


In the case of the Otford proposals, the Board was advised that all of the original proposals requested in the petition considered at the March 2015 meeting were included in the informal and statutory consultations, and that some alternative options had also been included in the consultations, and were described in Appendix 2.


The Chairman used his discretion and allowed a Member of Otford Parish Council to address the Board who expressed concern as to whether the responses received were from residents or commuters. In response to this concern, the Parking Engineer advised that under legislation the proposal had to go out to public consultation and was available in the papers and the Council’s website, local addresses were also contacted and therefore, it was possible that commuters had submitted comments. He also advised the Board that if changes were required that were more restrictive than the proposals included in the statutory consultation, then another consultation would have to take place.


Members discussed the Otford proposals detailed in Appendix 2 in depth.  It was moved from the Chair and agreed by Members that proposal 2a be implemented and that proposals 2b and 3a be abandoned.


It was further agreed that proposal 4a be implemented, and that proposal 4b in respect of east side of Sevenoaks Road be implemented and the west side be

abandoned, that proposals 4c, 6a and 6b be implemented and proposals 6c and 6d be abandoned. It was also moved that the implementation of proposal 5a be deferred until a review 3 months after implementation, at which time there would be a decision to implement, change or abandon proposal 5a.


In the case of the Sevenoaks proposal in Appendix 3, the Board noted that no objections were received in respect of the proposed replacement of part of the existing dual parking bay on the south side of Avenue Road (in front of the new vehicle access) with double yellow lines, and hence proposed restrictions could proceed without the need for a decision from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.


Kippington Parking pdf icon PDF 23 KB

Reasons for urgency:


At the previous meeting of the Board (3 September 2015) it was requested that a report on the parking issues in Kippington be brought to the 8 December 2015 meeting. This item was delayed due to the need to conduct a comprehensive site visit and subsequent preparation and multiple plan amendments with the local representative and therefore missed statutory despatch date. Waiting to consider this report until the meeting in March 2016 will cause undue delay.

Additional documents:


The Traffic Engineer – KCC Highways, Transportation & Waste advised that at the previous meeting of the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board in September 2015 it was raised that parts of Kippington ward was experiencing levels of parking that was inconsiderate and hazardous to residents and other road users. Funding from the KCC’s Casualty Reduction Programme had been identified for the introduction of no waiting restrictions but had not currently been identified for, time limited single yellow line restrictions in Grassy Lane, Burntwood Road and Wellmeade Drive and proposals had not been put forward for Turners Garden. He advised that the proposals and costings would go to informal consultation first.


The Local Ward Member addressed the Board and suggested that restrictions be placed for an hour on each side of the road. The Chairman suggested that as the Local Ward Member and County Councillor were aware of the problems in Turners Garden that a discussion with Officers for a proposal for Turners Garden take place and be included in the informal consultation.


Resolved: That the Local Ward Member, County Councillor and Officers discuss parking restrictions for Turners Garden and these proposals be included within the informal consultation for parking restrictions in Kippington.



Applications For Disabled Persons' Parking Bays pdf icon PDF 34 KB

Additional documents:


The Parking Engineer presented a report which detailed the latest applications for disabled parking bays. He advised that the applications in the tabled document (Appendix 1) did not meet Kent County County’s (KCC’s) assessment criteria and that the applications in Appendix 2 to the report, had met KCC’s criteria and had gone to informal consultation.


In Appendix 2 the application for Knockholt Road, had previously been to the Joint Transportation Board for consideration and had been rejected.  Officers were asked to review the application in light of a change in circumstances.  However,  subsequent to this, a new driveway to an adjoining property had been created, which now meant there was insufficient space to install a minimum standard length disabled persons’ parking bay outside the applicant’s home.


The Parking Engineer advised that application for Forge Lane had received five objections and in light of these, Officers explored various options and recommended that the current disabled person’s parking bay be extended for both users.


Resolved: That


a)     the disabled persons’ parking bay application for Knockholt Road be refused; and


b)     the disabled persons’ parking bay application for Forge Lane be approved and the existing disabled persons’ parking bay be enlarged to accommodate two vehicles.




Seal Hollow Road - Speed Survey and reactive signs pdf icon PDF 38 KB


The KCC Manager (Sevenoaks) presented a report detailing a speed survey summary following the B2019 Seal Hollow Road Petition that was received at the September 2015 Joint Transportation Board. He advised that as the average speeds were below 30mph, the road did not qualify for KCC safety criteria.


The Chairman used his discretion to allow the lead petitioner and a resident to address the Board who expressed concerns as to whether a safety risk assessment for pedestrians had been carried out and that the issues were not only speed of the traffic but visibility and narrow pavements. Concern was also raised by the Local Member that preventative measures should be implemented.


It was advised that a safety assessment had been organised. Members thought that people drove more carefully on that particular stretch of road due to the weight of the traffic and size of the road and because of the few number of collisions and accidents funding was not available. The KCC Manager (Sevenoaks) advised that resources and funding had to be focused on other priority locations.


            Resolved: That the report be noted.



Sevenoaks Highway Works Programme pdf icon PDF 96 KB


Members considered a report which gave an update on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2015/16. Members were advised that the recent fatality on Pilgrim’s Way East Road would be included in the Casualty reduction measures following the receipt of the report from the Coroner.


Resolved: The report be noted


Street Lighting Update Report pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Additional documents:


Members considered a report that updated Members on Phase 1 of the Safe and Sensible Street Lighting which the County Council began implementing to reduce the costs of providing street lighting across the County.  8 sites in the Sevenoaks District were identified for trial switch offs and an additional 2 sites were identified for part night operation. He advised Goldsel Road and Tonbridge Road experienced some adverse impact and surveys indicated that there was regular use by pedestrians during morning and evenings. As a result all the light in Goldsel Road and some in Tonbridge Road were switched back on.


In response to questions Members were advised once a column had been removed, the structure would not exist and could not be returned to operation without the erection of a new column and light. A decision was needed to be taken as to whether a column should be kept due to the continuous running costs that included maintenance, replacement and energy costs.


The Local County Council Member for Sevenoaks advised that she objected to the recommendation that the street lights that remained in the trial were removed and that LED lights should be installed to provide the street lighting where it is required, especially with regards to Tonbridge Road. Members objected to the street lights also being removed in Wheatsheaf Hill, Halstead and Morants Court Road, Dunton Green. Members expressed concern that it was unclear whether Town and Parish Council’s had been consulted, however it was noted  that the Parish and Town Council’s had been consulted at the outset of the trial.


Resolved: That the comments made by the Board be submitted to the KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transportation.



Sevenoaks Cycling Working Group - review of membership pdf icon PDF 24 KB


Members considered a report detailing the membership of the Sevenoaks Cycling Strategy Working Group. The Chairman of the Working Group advised that cycling accident statistics in the District and in Kent had been discussed and it had been agreed that the working group would meet four times a year prior to each Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board meeting to provide an update.


Resolved: That there be no changes to the Sevenoaks Cycling Strategy Working Group Membership.


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