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Minutes pdf icon PDF 38 KB

To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 11 June 2015, as a correct record



Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2015, be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of interest


Cllr. Crabtree declared that she was a Member of the Hollybush Residents Association.


Matters Arising/Update (Including Actions from Previous Meetings) pdf icon PDF 23 KB


The Parking Engineer advised that a meeting had taken place with several residents of Park Place, the Chairman of Chevening Parish Council and County Councillor Parry to discuss the parking scheme for residents of Park Place, Bessels Green. He advised a formal (statutory) consultation was the next stage and the responses would be brought back to a future meeting of the Board for consideration. County Councillor Parry thanked Officers for the meeting and the excellent work which had been carried out.


Councillor Hunter addressed the Board, in respect of action 3. She advised the parking situation in Kippington was getting worse as it was now on both sides of the roads and therefore visibility was reduced. There were also issues of lorries stopping and parking which was also affecting the visibility. The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) advised a report would be brought to the December meeting of the Board.



Resolved: That the actions from the previous meeting be noted. 



To Receive Any Petitions pdf icon PDF 38 KB

Presentation of Petition by Hollybush Residents Association: Pedestrian Safety on Seal Hollow Road.

Additional documents:


The Chairman of Hollybush Residents Association presented a petition with over 1000 signatures requesting flashing traffic activated signs be installed on both the north and south side of the crossing at Seal Hollow Road and a road surface with Slow, Pedestrians be applied at ‘the hole in the wall’. The KCC District Manger (Sevenoaks) advised KCC crash records showed for the previous 3 years no injuries which related to the stretch of road had been recorded, therefore alternative funding may need to be sought. He advised signs could be achievable but were a low funding priority.


The Local County Councillor advised she had requested a speed survey and this information would be available for the December meeting.


Resolved: That at the December meeting of the board KCC Officers present the speed survey for Seal Hollow Road and reactive signs to be investigated.



Applications for Disabled Persons' Parking Bays pdf icon PDF 33 KB

Additional documents:


The Parking Engineer presented a report which detailed the latest applications for disabled parking bays that had been submitted in the last financial year which had been assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria set by KCC. The applications listed in appendix 2 did not meet the criteria.  The applications listed in appendix 3 had been out to an informal consultation with neighbours and a summary of objections and Officer responses were included.  He informed the Board there was an anomaly in appendix 3, as the Plantation Road, Hextable  application had been out to consultation, but following a site visit, it was found that the location did not meet the assessment criteria, because the road was too narrow for a disabled persons parking bay.


The Chairman used his discretion to allow a Parish Councillor and local resident to address the board. The Parish Councillor advised the Board he had an interest in the agenda item as the Parkside, Halstead application in appendix 2 that did not meet the assessment criteria was from his wife. He requested for a reassessment of the application due to a change in circumstances. The Parking Engineer advised this would be possible, if Members were in agreement.


A Councillor queried whether the Oak Road, Westerham application could be reassessed. Members were informed that it did not meet the criteria as there was already a disabled persons parking bay in the road, which was the maximum number allowable under KCC’s assessment criteria, based on the limited parking space availability in the small street. It was requested that consideration be given to relocating the existing parking space, as funding may be able to be found for it.


Resolved: That


a)     Officers reassess the Parkside, Halstead application for disabled persons parking bay in appendix 2 in the light of the applicant’s change in circumstances;


b)     Officers investigate whether the existing disabled persons parking bay in Oak Road, Westerham could be relocated to assist the person whose application for be in appendix 2 did not meet the assessment criteria; and


c)      with the exception of the application for Plantation Road, Hextable, the applications in appendix 3 for disabled person’s parking bays which meet the KCC highways assessment criteria be approved, and the disabled persons parking bays be installed




Proposed Quality Bus Partnership (QBP) pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


The Public Transport Policy and Strategy Manager and the Public Transport Infrastructure and Development Senior Officer presented a report which proposed the establishment of a Quality Bus Partnership (QBP) in Sevenoaks and recommend that Officers be asked to pursue discussions with operators and other proposed members of the Partnership. Members were advised that having a QBP would enable local issues to be discussed and where section 106 money was available improve the bus network. It would be a partnership between KCC, SDC, Arriva and Go-Coach.


Members discussed the report and the positives the partnership could have for the District with a proactive approach.


In response to questions Members were advised the Partnership would cover the whole of the bus routes and therefore if a bus route went into a different Borough or District the complete route was covered. To keep Members updated the QBP would report back to JTB on a 6 monthly basis. The QBP would create a forum for local issues to be addressed such as the size of the buses in particular roads and it would also create a voice for Transport for London to be approached for issues in Swanley.


Resolved: That it be noted that the Board strongly recommended that


a)        the KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport and the Sevenoaks District Portfolio Holder for Planning jointly approve the establishment of a Sevenoaks Quality Bus Partnership in the form of a voluntary Partnership Agreement, as provided in the Transport Act 2000 and the Local Transport Act 2008.


b)        Officers subsequently are asked to pursue discussions with operators and other proposed members of the Partnership.


c)         the agreement, once approved by all parties, be signed by a representative of each of them as soon as possibly with the inaugural meeting of the Quality Bus Partnership scheduled soon after.



Reconstitution of Sevenoaks Cycling Strategy Working Group pdf icon PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:


The Board considered a report advising on the reconstitution of the Working Group. Under the previous Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board there was a working group formed in the last municipal year to take the Sevenoaks District Cycling Strategy forward again. Members were asked to review the need for the working group and confirm the terms of reference and membership of the group.


The Chairman used his discretion to allow Mr. Morrison on behalf of the Sevenoaks District Cycling Forum to address the Board. He informed Members they were keen for the working group to continue as a way to deal with different topics that arose around cycling. Members showed their support for the working group to continue. Following the notes of the first meeting of the working group encouraged there to be a representative from Sevenoaks Town Council. It was unknown who the KCC Officer would be at this time and a letter would be written to the KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport.


Action 1: That the Chairman of the Board write to the KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, requesting Officers attend the Sevenoaks Cycling Working Group.



Resolved: That


a)        the continuation of the working group to focus on the implementation of improvements across the District and focus on specific routes to meet the objectives of the strategy in light of reduced funding be agreed; and


b)        the Membership include a Sevenoaks District Councillor (Cllr. Edwards- Winser, a Sevenoaks District Council Officer, a Kent County Council Officer, a Sevenoaks Town Council representative and a representative from the Sevenoaks District Cycling Forum.  





Street Lighting LED Project Update Report pdf icon PDF 27 KB


The Board considered a report that provided an update of the LED conversion project, trial switch off sites review and consultation on street lighting. Phase 1 trial switch off sites within the county were currently being reviewed to determine whether these would be permanently removed or switched back on. A consultation was scheduled to start from 7 September 2015 until Sunday 1 November which would allow residents and stakeholders to have their say on the street lighting policy, which would cover part night lighting, all night lighting  and all night lighting but dimmed when less busy.


In response to questions the KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) informed Members the consultation had been highlighted at Joint Transportation Board meetings and the KCC website. This time there was more promotion surrounding the consultation. He advised there was a split over street lighting and some rural areas preferred the street lights switched off. LED lighting was easier to control as the lights could be dimmed but they could also provide the same brightness that the current lights provided.


Resolved: That the report be noted.



A25 Brasted Footway report pdf icon PDF 22 KB


Members considered a report on the A25 Brasted Village Footway and Village Gateway for a new footway to be provided on the Southern side of the A25 western end of the village and a change in speed limit. Members discussed what improvements could be made and then whether suitable funding could be secured.


Resolved: That a report be brought back to the December meeting of the Board setting out the possible improvements and funding options.



Sevenoaks Highway Works Programme - September 2015 pdf icon PDF 84 KB


Members considered a report which gave an update on the identified schemes approved for construction in 2015/16. The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) advised that under the machine resurfacing the B2211 Sundridge Road, and A233 Westerham Hill had been completed. In response to a question Members were advised that to ensure safety for workers there had to be a space of 3.4 meters to work, and due to work taking place in the middle of the road the whole road had to be closed.


Resolved: The report was noted.




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