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County Councillor Chard in the Chair.


Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board. He expressed his thanks to past Members and welcomed the new Members of the Board. The Chairman welcomed Jeremy Clark the new Parking Engineer.

Change in Agenda Items Order

With the Board’s permission it was agreed to bring forward agenda items 7 and 10.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 44 KB

To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 10 March 2015, as a correct record



Resolved:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2015, be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of interest


County Councillor Chard declared that he was a resident of Upper High Street, Sevenoaks.


County Councillor Parry declared that he had been lobbied on Minute 6, Parking Issues in Kippington.


Matters Arising/Update (Including Actions from Previous Meetings) pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The action was noted.


Sevenoaks Youth Council and perception of street lighting in Sevenoaks by young people pdf icon PDF 16 KB

Additional documents:


Olivia Kings from the Sevenoaks Youth Council presented a report to the Board outlining  young people’s views on street lighting in the area and their concerns over safety. She advised that a particular location where they would like street lighting to be put back on was around the Vine in Sevenoaks.  A Member also advised that it was being investigated for the street lights in Tonbridge Road, Sevenoaks to be switched back on.


Members discussed the issues raised by Olivia, and if there was evidence of an increase of accidents and crime, turning street lighting back on in an area could be taken further.


Resolved: That KCC Officers discuss with the Cabinet Member for Street light the areas discussed and a report be brought back to a future meeting of the Board.


The Board thanked Olivia Kings and the Youth Council.





Councillor Fleming addressed the Board and requested that an audit take place, new signage be put up on the A21 and Morely’s roundabout to advise that the road was not suitable for Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) and finally inexpensive road lines be considered.  A resident and local business owner informed the Board that his shop was Grade 2 listed and had been damaged on five different occasions. The road was too narrow to allow HGVs and cars to pass at the same time and he had witnessed vehicles mounting the pavements. He expressed concerns that in time, this would cause injury to the public.


The KCC Local Member advised the Board that she had met with the KCC Engineer for the area and was investigating a scheme to relieve the problems.  The Member advised that she was happy for it to be part funded from her Member’s fund. Members discussed the 3 stage approach that had been suggested and road markings should be one of the first options to be explored.


Resolved: That the KCC Local Member and Councillor Fleming discuss with KCC the scheme to be implemented.



Parking Issues in Kippington pdf icon PDF 3 MB


A Member expressed concern that many people were parking on the pavements in Kippington and this was causing problems for people with pushchairs and wheelchair users. A map and photographs was tabled which highlighted existing yellow lines and the location of parked vehicles.


The Chairman allowed a resident of Grassy Lane to address the Board who expressed safety concerns as a result of the parking situation and requested yellow lines be extended in the roads. He informed the Board he had met with Sevenoaks District Council Officers to discuss the problem. The Local District Council Member advised that the meeting had been well attended and the parked cars were causing visibility issues and that the yellow lines should be extended.


Members discussed whether having more yellow lines would cause more problems for commuters and increase displacement parking. It was discussed that the area needed to be looked at holistically. Members discussed the way forwards and suggested KCC Officers should come back with a report setting out the options available.


Resolved: That a report setting out the options available for Parking Issues in Grassy Lane and Turners Gardens be brought back to the Board.



Progress Report on On Street Parking Restriction Changes - TRO 2013 Amendments 2 &12 (Various Locations) pdf icon PDF 27 KB


The Parking Engineer advised that in regards to Park Place, Bessels Green a meeting would be taking place with the Local Members to discuss and look in more detail at the options put forward.  A Member expressed concern that that the yellow lines could cause displacement parking and that the areas needed to be looked at holistically. The Board was advised that once a scheme was drawn up, there would be a consultation.


The Parking Engineer advised that the report detailed progress and the anticipated timescales for implementing the decisions made at the previous meeting for on-street parking restriction changes in TRO 2013 amendments 2 and 12. He advised that some of the traffic orders had been sealed and would be implemented within the next few weeks.


Resolved: That the report be noted.


Sevenoaks Birchwood Corner pdf icon PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:


 County Councillor Brookbank referred to the recommendation in the report and believed as the Local Member the proposals put forward were the best way forward.


The Traffic Engineer advised some objections had been received but he had spoken to most of the objectors and explained the proposals and vehicles would not be directed through College Road in Hextable. Members were informed the proposals could be extended into Hextable in the future if it was needed. He advised the proposals were supported by Swanley Town Council and Hextable Parish Council.


A Member expressed concern that there would be no enforcement for the new signage. The Traffic Engineer informed the Board, on some occasions HGVs would need genuine access to the roads but there would be a scheme called Lorry Watch which was similar to the speed watch schemes. He advised that if HGVs did continue to go through then their operators licence could be affected.


Members requested that an update on how the restrictions were working  be provided to the Board in 12 months.


Resolved: That


a)        following consideration of the objections, the Order as advertised be endorsed; and


b)        an updated on the restrictions be provided to the Board in 12 months.



Sevenoaks Highway Works Programme - June pdf icon PDF 66 KB


Members considered a report which gave an update on the highway works scheme that had been identified and programmed for delivery in 2015/2016, and the progress on them. The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) advised that all the Surface Dressing Schemes had been completed and Bower Lane had also been completed.


A Member expressed concern that the roads in Westerham still had a lot of loose grit and stones. The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) advised that he had had some contact with residents but if there was still an issue a road sweeper could be sent to remove the loose grit.


Action1: For KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) to contact the Local Member for Westerham and Crockham Hill and residents over the loose grit and stones.


A Member expressed concern that the pale appearance of the road surface on Philstone Lane and how the lines would show up. The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) advised that once the surfacing was embedded in, it would have a grey colour again suitable for line painting.


Resolved: That the report be noted.



Sevenoaks Traffic Schemes Joint Transportation Board June 2015 pdf icon PDF 22 KB


Members considered a report which provided an update to Members for the Crash Remedial Schemes Programme for 2015/16.


Resolved: That the report be noted.


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