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To agree the Minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 16 September 2014, as a correct record.



Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 16 September 2014 be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



Declarations of interest


There were no additional declarations of interest. 



Matters Arising/Update (Including Actions from Previous Meetings) pdf icon PDF 18 KB

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A Member raised concerns, arising from the Results from the Highways & Transportation Annual Satisfaction Survey 2013 considered at the last meeting, relating to the trial switch-off of street lighting around Tonbridge Road and White Hart Close in areas highlighted on a map which she tabled.  This had a negative impact as it was a main artery road in and out of Sevenoaks and affected commuters and school children. She asked that this be altered to a partial switch-off. Another Member asked that Kent Highways Service also adjust the start time for morning street lights, especially in the period either side of the return to GMT, within ¾ mile radius of Sevenoaks, Bat & Ball and Dunton Green rail stations so that those who travelled on the 05.03 (and later) rail services to London could walk along lit roads.


Action 1: That the Chairman of the Committee write to the Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, requesting those changes to the street lighting switch off programme.


The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) gave an update on the Working Group formed to discuss the progress of the Sevenoaks Cycling Strategy. The Group would meet as necessary with the first meeting likely to be January or February 2015. The appointed Members were Cllr. Edwards-Winser and Mr. Morrison of the Sevenoaks Cycle Forum. The representative of the Sevenoaks Cycle Forum asked that a SDC Council officer also be present.


Resolved: That the actions from the previous meeting be noted.



Thameslink Programme: Effect on London Bridge and Kent Rail services - Presentation pdf icon PDF 628 KB

Additional documents:


Mr. Stephen Gasche, the KCC Principal Transport Planner – Rail gave a presentation on the effects of the Thameslink Programme and the Network Rail plans to rebuild London Bridge Station.


Between 22 and 24 December 2014 Southeastern Trains to Charing Cross were not to stop at London Bridge at the morning peak between 07.54 and 09.01 but until 4 January 2015 certain national tickets were to be accepted on alternative rail, Underground and bus services. From 12 January 2015 until August 2016 trains to Charing Cross would not stop at London Bridge. During this period no further charge was to be made for passengers to complete their journey on certain routes, and season ticket holders were to be given coded tickets to be used on the Underground. Finally, from August 2016 the trains to Cannon Street would no longer stop at London Bridge but those to Charing Cross would and this would continue until January 2018. Once the works were completed then the Thameslink and Southeastern services would have dedicated tracks meaning that problems on one service would not affect the other. It was also hoped that the rail traffic on the Sevenoaks line would be eased once Maidstone had its own direct city service from May 2018.


In response to a question, the KCC Principal Transport Planner – Rail advised that the dedicated tracks meant there would be less resilient capacity in using another track if one had a problem.


The KCC Officer stated that he had passed on the concerns from the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association (SRTA) that there would be inadequate passenger capacity in the morning peak time. A London Bridge Rebuilding, Risks for Sevenoaks Commuters and Survival Guide to the London Bridge Rebuilding, both produced by the SRTA, were tabled. Roger Johnson, of the SRTA, highlighted his estimate that the remaining trains would cover only two thirds or three quarters of the actual need. The tabled documents would be available on their website and would be updated.


The Chairman thanked the Officer for the presentation which would be particularly useful to leisure travellers who had not been advised of the changes.



Presentation of Petition by Chevening Parish Council: Residential parking problems around Bessels Green pdf icon PDF 36 KB

Additional documents:


Parish Cllr. Mrs. Metcalf, Vice Chairman of Chevening Parish Council presented a petition from residents of Bessels Green which requested the Board to approve a residents’ parking scheme for the 11 residents of Park Place, Bessels Green who had no off-road parking. This followed concerns that there would be displaced demand for parking after the introduction of parking restrictions around Bessels Green. All residents of Park Place had signed the petition.


The SDC Chief Officer Environmental & Operational Services advised that if approved, due to existing work commitments, consultation on a scheme was unlikely before Summer 2015 and subject to comments or objections would not return to the Board before September 2015.


Resolved: That Sevenoaks District Council Officers prepare proposals for consultation for a residents’ parking scheme for residents of Park Place, Bessels Green.



Parking problems near the Wildernesse School site


The Board considered a request from a member of the public for a transport scheme relating to the Wildernesse School site and for ¼ mile around it. He was concerned at the traffic and parking difficulties which would be caused by the opening of the new school or schools arising from pupil drop off and pick up and parking from older pupils.


Resolved: That the Committee monitor any traffic issues arising from the Wildernesse School site.



Oakdene Road - Request from District Councillor pdf icon PDF 136 KB


District Cllr. Dickins presented a request to consider the implementation of yellow lines along Oakdene Road, Sevenoaks. The residents of the road had opted not to have parking restrictions introduced when they were brought in for the rest of the Bradbourne Estate. However, since the opening of the Knole Academy he explained that there had been difficulties. He tabled a photograph of Oakdene Road. He stated that since the works had been completed there was a gain of approximately 70 spaces on the school site but the problem remained and with the school roll expected to expand by 200 in the coming years the situation was not likely to improve. Although the headteacher had tried to give advice, she was not able to enforce parking matters. Cllr. Dickins had discussed the matter with Officers but existing workloads were heavy.


The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) confirmed that he would consult with the KCC Traffic Engineer to consider whether there was a safety issue.


Action 2: The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) to consult with the KCC Traffic Engineer to consider whether there was a safety issue. Officers to consult with local Members and Knole Academy whether the matter can be resolved informally.



HGV Signage Cramptons Road - Request from District Councillor pdf icon PDF 26 KB

Additional documents:


The Board considered a report relating to road signage for Crampton’s Road, Sevenoaks. The report had been requested by District Cllr. Dickins following concerns that the residential part of the road was being used by HGVs when direct access to the A225 Otford Road was afforded. The report advised that £2,000 funding had been allocated for signage, arising from the Section 106 agreement for the local Sainsbury’s store. Advisory signs would be located at each end of Crampton’s Road and at the exit points of each of the industrial or commercial facilities to direct HGV drivers to use the most appropriate route. Subject to available resources for design, consultation and implementation the scheme may be able to be delivered in the final quarter of the 2014/15 financial year, or the first quarter of 2015/16.


Resolved: That the report be noted.



Sevenoaks Highway Works Programme 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 55 KB


Members considered a report which gave an update on the highway works schemes that had been identified and programmed for delivery in 2014/15, and the progress on them.


Resolved: That the report be noted.



Highway Improvement Scheme Progress Report pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Additional documents:


Members considered a report which described the progress to date and anticipated progress over the following three months of all programmed highway improvements and those schemes that were expected to be included in the KCC 2014/15 Capital Programme.


Resolved: That the report be noted.



Coordination of work repairs


The KCC District Manager (Sevenoaks) reported on the steps taken by KCC to coordinate road works with statutory undertakers. He advised that Kent held regular liaison meetings with the utility companies and KCC were doing as much as possible to build relationships with them. The Chairman added that there had been a number of occasions when utility companies had carried out emergency repairs without notifying KCC.



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