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Local Development Scheme

Meeting: 05/07/2022 - Development & Conservation Advisory Committee (Item 10)

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The report was presented by the Planning Policy Team Leader, who outlined the proposed Local Development Scheme (LDS). She explained that the LDS set out the timetable for the development of the Local Plan, and that it required revisions to keep it up to date. The Committee were advised that the proposed timetable is a rolling project programme, which will allow it to incorporate updates when necessary, for example due to changes in national policy, relating to the recent Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.


She outlined the proposed new timetable and explained that the completion of the evidence base for the plan would be the first priority, to inform policy preparation. The first Regulation 18 consultation would take place in autumn 2022, and would focus on maximising sustainable urban development. This would be followed by further evidence base work, review, and policy preparation. This consultation would also inform discussions with neighbouring authorities regarding their assistance in addressing the District’s housing shortfall, under the duty to co-operate. Green Belt sites would only be considered in the second Regulation 18 consultation in autumn 2023, and only where required and under exceptional circumstances.


Members were informed that Regulation 19 pre-submission publication would take place in spring 2024 to receive final representations, which are then reviewed. She explained that these representations would focus on legal compliance and fulfilment of the duty to co-operate. She advised Members that Regulation 22 Submission to the Secretary of State would then occur in summer 2024, and that an examination by the Planning Inspectorate would follow.


The Committee discussed the obligations of the Council under the National Planning Policy Framework to maximise urban development, and the circumstances in which Green Belt sites might be considered for development.

Resolved: It be recommended to Cabinet that the proposed Local Plan Timetable be approved.



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